Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes Writing Is Harder Than It Should Be

I've had a pretty big "breakthrough" in the fantasy novel I am currently working on. I was having some trouble figuring out how I wanted to get from point B to C, and then, one night, it came to me. I have a pretty good picture in my head what will happen next...

I just can't seem to actually write it.

I know that sounds pretty weird, but I pull up my word processor and just stare at it like an idiot for about 6 minutes. Sometimes I write a sentence. Or two. And then I click over to Facebook or Pinterest and procrastinate for an hour.

It's actually pretty annoying.

However, I have decided that one of my main-ish characters looks like Eric Northman. Or Alexander Skarsgard. Same thing, right? So, when Universal Pictures decided to buy the rights to said novel and make the movie, they came save some money on casting calls. Just imagine this image (from, but with long hair... And a little less pasty. Maybe not so much with the whole Vampire thing. But otherwise. That guy.

Also, on a totally unrelated (yet related) subject: I have been known to get some of my story ideas from dreams. I had a pretty amazing dream last night that I think could write itself into a pretty good story... The problem with this is: it makes much more sense as a dream than it does as "real life." Oh, well. I wrote it down "to be used in the future." (Now that I have shared that... I'm not entirely sure why I shared it. Oh, well. Just forget it and feast your eyes on Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard.)

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