Thursday, April 5, 2012

Query Letters

I guess I need to write a query letter... And then send it out to agents.

I have one that I wrote a few years ago, but I hate talking about myself, my writing... etc. I just feel like I am bragging, and that makes me uncomfortable. But, I guess I just have to face the fact that it's something I have to do if I want to find an agent... Which is really pretty much the path towards publication in the fiction world (well, you CAN go straight to a publisher, but that is rare... And self-publishing is just frowned upon). (Could I have used "which" any more times in this paragraph?)

I'm feeling a little more optimistic about my fantasy novel. I sent it to my mom to read (well... most of it. I've written more since I sent it) and she's a couple chapters through and likes it. Part of me wants to believe that's just because she's my mother and she has to say nice things--yes, I am that pessimistic. But then I remember that she really doesn't do that well... If something sucks, she'll tell you (not in those words, but she'll make a face, say "eh..." and tell me that it needs to be fixed). Which is better, because then I know she means it when she's being supportive. She even said she "likes the language."

So, that makes me feel like I am doing something right. I mean... at least the language is good, right?

Ok... Query letters. They are supposed to be short, sweet, to the point... And have a hook. I guess I need to do some research (the last one I wrote was in 2009, and it was for a YA novel... One that I have since reworked into a non-YA novel), so I know what a "good" one reads like. I have this desire to be humorous, but I really think my sense of humor really just tends to fall flat with most people. Yet, I feel like serious is dry and boring.

Frankly, if it were up to me, it would be an illustration. That's it.

Ugh... And I need a title.

Damn this sucks.

Anyone want to write one for me?




  1. Go ahead and self-publish, man. Do it e-book style. Paper vanity publishing is rather ridiculous, sure, but a self-pub e-book is where it's at.

    1. It's definitely my back-up plan ;-)