Monday, April 30, 2012

Something That Makes Me Gag... Just a Little

I'm tired of the "I want to feel like a princess" talk that gets batted around all the time, especially in the wedding industry. Women and girls are always throwing that little gem out into conversation when talking about men, dating, engagements, weddings, anniversaries... "He makes me feel like a princess," "I want a princess dress," "today's my day to be the princess."


Usually, this statement comes up when talking about "stuff"and/or money. A "princess" has a certain kind of engagement ring (one that can be measured in multiple carats), a dress that is covered in crystals, a tiara (insert cock-eyed emoticon here), gets married in a castle, and gets to act like a complete Bridezilla... (I say all of this with the height of sarcasm).

I'm sorry, but has anyone actually stopped to contemplate what an actual princess does all day?

Last I checked, being a princess has a lot more to do with press conferences, little privacy, and a shitload of responsibility than it does wearing frivolously, gaudy wedding dresses and spending more on a wedding than some people make in a year (although that part may be true, regardless). All you had to do was flip on the 72 hour "William and Kate" special TLC played this last weekend for 5 minutes to see that it's not all about getting what you want 24/7 and getting to act like a bitch while you do it.

Those people are hounded every second of every day. So much so that the media (who is doing the hounding) thinks it's so refreshing to see their "princess" out grocery shopping. We all hate when people gossip about us... And they have the entire world gossiping about them all. the. time. Is that really what people want??? Sure, some of the perks are definitely nice to dream about, but they don't necessarily have to do with being a "princess."

Personally, I would rather be treated like a countess. I mean, let's think about this. When is the last time you heard about the Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne in the media? I know I haven't heard her name thrown out there (at least not since 2005...). Vast estates? Check. Lovely castles? Check. Awesome jewels? Check. Wealth and prestige? Check. Whole life publicized to the the entire world? ...Not so much.

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