Sunday, August 5, 2012

WA is Trying to Kill Me

It was 93 degrees Fahrenheit at Fort Lewis today. 93.

That's hot in Georgia. It's just hell on earth when it's taking place in one of the cooler places of the continental US. Why? Well, if you missed it the first 542 times I mentioned it, we don't have air conditioning here. Most people don't have air conditioning here--it just doesn't ever get hot enough to justify installing one, and no one installs windows that are conducive to window units. But, of course, on days like this, you kind of want to maim whomever decided all of that was a good idea.

So, in an attempt to stave off the baking, we spent most of the day in the water. We took E to the outdoor pool on post, and spent a good hour there--much longer than she has ever stayed in the pool. She did beautifully, too. She was kicking and pulling just like I would expect of one of the 3- or 4-years-olds I used to teach lessons. She's even blowing bubbles and putting her face down in the water. She can float on her back, but only if I hold her hand. We tried some passing between us, and she's close, but not quite propelling herself, yet. I'm impressed; she's frustrated. She kept eyeing the other children in the pool who were swimming around by themselves (mostly with the help of life-jackets... don't get me started on the ridiculous rules at the pool), and pushing us away, but that didn't tend to work out so well for her.

After pool time, S went to the golf course for 9 holes, and the girls went for a walk (we don't do the 10-15 miles/day we were doing last year at this time, but we get in about 4 these days) before it got too hot. When we got home, we celebrated by getting in the wading pool I set up on the back porch. The water was cold but it felt so good after baking in the sun. Nap time came, then another dip in the water when S got home. Dinner... And then a trip to the splash park.

And you know what? I still feel like I am going to melt. Outside, it feels wonderful--it's about 70 and there is a breeze. But my house? Still a sauna. I have every window open and every fan speeding. I'm not yet a puddle... But for how long?


  1. If it makes you feel any better and at the risk of being a one-upper, I live in Sydney and don't have any A/C either. It blows. I am hanging onto winter with every shred of my being.

    1. I have no idea what the weather is like in Sydney, but I have a feeling you win. ALTHOUGH, I bet it doesn't go from 65 one day to 90 the next ;-)