Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living With E

E is a lot of fun... most of the time. We hit the terrible twos a couple months ago, so we have some days and moments that are less than stellar, but otherwise, she couldn't be any more awesome.

She says some pretty hilarious things.
  • "It's a penis!" I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but she usually says it while looking out of and/or pointing to the back picture windows. And quite honestly, I can't help but laugh every time she says it... I am fairly certain I have never burst out with "it's a penis!" so where she picked it up... complete mystery.
  • "Do you ya-ya?" We call her grandmother "ya-ya," and I frequently ask her "Do you want to call Ya-Ya?" She has shortened this to mean "give me the damn phone, woman, I need to call my fan club." (The "do you" thing works for all kinds of things: water (wa-wa), juice (joos), shoes (soos), just to name a few).
  • "Good kiss/Good kisses!" When she gives one of us a kiss, or her stuffed kitty, "Kitty," or her babydoll, "Bebies," we always tell her "good kiss!" She now praises anyone when they give her a kiss. With extreme seriousness.
  • Her new favorite: "Coookies." It almost sounds like the cartoon from the cookie crisp commercials (remember, coooookie crisp!). Any time I go to open the kitchen cabinet that houses the plates (where I put the cookies.... I really need a cookie jar, lol), she asks for one, points, and does a little dance.
She does some pretty hilarious things.
  • She would kill to get to "push" the garage door clicker.
  • She also goes crazy over getting to flush the toilet. Right now, we are working on letting that be her "reward" for using her potty.
  • Last Christmas, some friends gave her a play set of plates, flatware, cups, glasses, etc. She sets the dining room table with them and demands that daddy sit down and "eat" from them.
  • She has a shoe fetish.
  • She yells at the dogs when it's time for them to go out. She even singles them out by name when they aren't cooperating.
  • Her mission in life is to ensure all doors are closed.
  • She's a seat thief.
Some other random things that prove she is awesome:
  • Loves Lego's. She can build things for hours... and demand that someone build with her.
  • Huge fan of books. Sometimes she'll even sit through the whole thing before she goes to get another one. And when she doesn't want to be read to, she "reads" to herself.
  • Not interested in tv. She has stopped long enough in the last few days to catch some of the Olympics, but otherwise, she could care less.
  • Her favorite toy is a Jelly Cat kitty. His name is "kitty."
  • She knows where everything, and I mean everything goes/belongs. If she finds something out of place, she puts it back away... This is both adorable and annoying as hell.
  • She has a fascination with buckles... Loves to click things together. Puzzles, it would seem, are her thing.
  • She'll eat anything. Green peppers, broccoli, potatoes, fish, shrimp, you name it, she'll eat it. She will not, however, eat anything we are not eating. This means if I want her to eat a sandwich, I had better be eating one, too.

She's waking up, so I have to cut this short.

But in other news, we have over $100 int he adoption fund! Just over 0.4%!!!


  1. As much as I love babyhood, I can't wait for this too!!

    1. I miss the cuddles, but also love the independence! It is so much fun! You'll love it :-D