Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Like We're Real People

E and I have done a much better job being sociable these last few weeks. This is kind of hard for me, as I am a huge homebody. To give you an example, a couple years ago, when the university for which I worked closed for the winter holiday, S and I spent 3 weeks holed up at home playing Dragon Age (have I mentioned I am a huge fantasy RPG fan? Yes... I am a dork). I was perfectly happy doing this. In fact, I could have never left the house. It was amazing.

Anyway, so we are trying to be a little more outgoing. We have made more of a conscious effort to
see friends, make new friends, go to events, and just get out of the house in general. But all of that is relatively easy considering: it isn't raining, it isn't [as] cold, and it isn't dark.

This has me wondering what we will do when the cold and wet and dark returns. I mean, there is only so much A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s an adult can take. We are working on our Russian (I can assure you, we have a lot of work to do there), but I only get about 10 minutes out of her, if that.

There are some classes on post we can sign her up for. Of course, because she's so young, we are a little limited, and any activity we do, I have to do, too (oh... joy...). I am considering signing her up for tumbling or dance (aka rhythms and movement for young children, haha). I'm not really one for either of those activities (read: I am not terribly coordinated), but it really isn't for me, is it? I am sure I could sign her up for swim lessons, but having taught mommy-and-me lessons, I can safely surmise that I have a handle on that and I really don't need to spend the money. The down side to these activities is I have to get her signed up with Child and Youth Services (CYS) on post, and everything I have ever heard indicates this is a giant pain in the ass.

There is a center on post that is a young children's learning center. They have preschool like activities (parents are there to do said activities with their children), story time, craft projects, etc. It's not really in my comfort zone, but I guess I can put that aside...

Or, I guess there is the children's museum.

Who knows?

Anyone have any good suggestions for activities to do with my toddler this winter?

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  1. You should REALLY read Quiet []. It gave me the inner-strength to stop trying so damn hard to be an extrovert, and more importantly, forgive and accept myself when all I want to do is stay in. I know this doesn't answer your toddle conundrum, but it really changed my whole self-perception.