Saturday, June 23, 2012


My list of things to do is entirely too long. And it's unlikely that I will get to them all.... So, what should be the focus? Should there be a focus? Is me focusing on there being a focus blurring the focus of my focus?

How many times can I type gocus in one small paragraph?


I want to go back to Scotland. I would live there forever, if life allowed for it, but life doesn't allow for it. And, unless some miracle manages to work out, it is probably a chance of zero to none that the Army would EVER send us there. I could do with a trip, but that would be thousands upon thousands of dollars, and only for a vacation.

We want to buy a house at the next duty station. We're saving for that, and putting money away for E and any-additional-siblings-she-may-have's education. Which means the house saving isn't as quick as it could be (I mean, it's good, just not oh-we-could-pay-you-in-cash-for-this-whole-house! Unless I can talk S into buying something in the crumbling category).

We're planning on having one more biological child; the plan is to do that in the next year.

We want to adopt. And don't want to wait too long. Problem? See savings.

I want to get one of these stupid novels published.

I want to lose the remaining weight I have hanging around from pregnancy number one before starting on pregnancy number two. I have like... 4 months. Hands? Meet hair. Yank.

And that's just the DOMESTIC stuff. I don't even want to think about the rest. I really wish/wonder if there is an alternate universe in which I am managing to live all of the dreams, wishes, etc. I have. Anyone seen Sliding Doors with Gwenyth Paltrow? It's kind of old, and I can't tell you who all was in it, but it was definitely an interesting concept--one small event causes one woman's life to split, and she (unknowingly) lives two different lives. Eventually, they merge, but I often think of that movie when I am agonizing over life and choices and... stuff. It seems like the only logical way to live all the lives I want to live.

And by logical, I mean completely illogical.


Where do I come up with this stuff?!

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