Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Person Is a Slacker --->

Obviously, I have been slacking with the writing of the blog. I would use the excuse that it's been a crazy week, but really, it hasn't. E and I flew back to Washington late Monday night, and have really just been hanging around and running errands the last couple days. We've already been to Costco, the PX (post exchange), Costco, and the Commissary twice. We're like Super Shoppers.

When I have had a chance to sit down at my computer, I have used the opportunity to re-write and edit one of my older novels. I actually wrote it about four years ago, finished it, workshopped it some with one of my novel writing courses, and then walked away. It was probably a much needed break, as I was sick of it and really didn't like it, anymore. I liked a great deal of the story, but it needs a lot of work, and I wasn't really up to it until now. I really should be working on other things right now, but I felt the urge to work on it, so what better time than now?

Also, I finally bought myself Scrivener. It's writers' software that I absolutely adore. I highly recommend it for anyone and for any project. You can see the software and activate a free trial here. It makes the writing experience fun.

And tomorrow, I have an appointment with the head of endocrinology here and a clinical psychologist. Because, apparently, wanting adequate and consistant treatment must mean I am crazy. I am going, anyway, because I think there has been a huge breakdown in communication between the doctors and me, the patient. I am hoping that I will be able to convey that my current prescription has helped, I just think there is room for some adjustment. So... wish me luck?

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  1. Good Luck! When do I get to read this one? When do I get to find out what happens to those characters I liked in the last 1/3 book? Faster! Faster! Less Costco and more books!