Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Fever

Must... Not... Have... Baby....!

It's figuratively killing me. A friend from high school and college just had a baby this morning, and seeing her posts on Facebook about the experience, new baby, etc. have my biological clock clanging like Big Ben on steroids. But, don't worry, I refuse to have anything but fall birthday babies, so no one has to worry about seeing any pregnancy announcements any time soon.

However, that hasn't stopped me from worrying about the most ridiculous things. Sure, some of the things like prenatal care, my thyroid issues, having my husband around, E, etc. are probably considered legitimate things to worry about. And then there are the usual baby worries--is the baby healthy, will it be a viable pregnancy, am I going to get gestational diabetes? Then we have the slightly more ridiculous out-of-my-control worries like: will we be in WA, will we be back on the east coast? Will I be moving with a newborn for the second time? How will we make THAT work?

And then my new favorite set of worries: the extraordinarily ridiculous. Who will take the newborn photos? What if we have twins? Or septuplets? Will we ever agree on names? But most importantly... Who will take our newborn photos?! (See? What did I tell you?)

E's newborn photos were done by Jill Samples Photography back in Georgia. She did a beautiful job and I would go back to her in a heartbeat if we just so happened to be there... But that's fairly unlikely. If we end up in MD (it is on our list), I have a friend, Danna Stumberg, who does amazing work, as well. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for her to take pictures of my kiddo[s]. In fact, I have seriously contemplated asking her if she would be willing to be paid to drive down to VA while we're there just to do a photo session (which I would also pay for. Obviously). But what if we are still stuck in the Pacific Northworst??? I have some friends that do some amateur photography, and would ask them, but I'm not sure how set up they are to do that. And what if we end up somewhere else? Like Oklahoma. I just don't think I could go to Sears. It would kill me.

And this, my friends, is why babies are contagious and will make you go insane.

(I'm going to make a book review post or something here, soon. I promise. I don't think even I can take any more of me....)


  1. I was all about having August babies and nothing else, but then I figured, why not have the most personal birthday gift ever- a baby :) We had contemplated having a 4th and in that case we'll either try for two Februarys to add to the two Augusts, else a Feb, a May, and two Augusts so there will be two birthdays each birthday month (mine is Feb, David May, etc). I think my little blurb just further proved mommies in general are crazy planners when it comes to all things baby and you're not alone ;)