Friday, June 22, 2012


I'm going to take a few minutes to just brag on my husband... I don't know why, I just have the urge to "talk" about him; maybe it's because anniversary number seven is right around the corner, maybe it's because he hasn't done anything to make my roll my eyes, today. Either way, here's a little bit about S:

S is currently a First Lieutenant in the US Army. He commissioned from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket ROTC Battalion in August, 2010 upon completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. He left for his Basic Officer Leadership Course, held at Fort Lee, VA, three weeks after commissioning, and was there until December when he "graduated." He was one of few Green-to-Gold Scholarship recipients, and one of only a handful in the Ga Tech program. The Green-to-Gold program allows enlisted Army soldiers to serve out their enlistment contract in a bachelor degree-seeking program, while being helped financially with a generous scholarship, stipend, and book money. He applied for and received his Green-to-Gold orders while serving in Iraq in 2006. And best of all, he completed his entire degree program--123 credit hours--in three and a half years, all while working two jobs, and maintaining a position on the Dean's List.

He has a wonderful sense of humor, and we manage to keep one another laughing. He does wonderful impressions, spot-on voices (Seriously, he could give Robin Williams a run for his money, there), and very ironic, sarcastic observations. But we also have very intelligent conversations with one another, especially when we're both awake. I've had a few less intelligent conversations with him, as well, but on those occasions, he's usually asleep. He knows exactly what he's talking about in those instances... I'm the one who's hopelessly lost. (Apparently, I should know what a warthog is and be able to refill it). He's a great father; even changes diapers. He throws himself into the things that interest him, and if he's going to do anything, he is going to do it right. And he likes animals. He'll even take spiders outside for me, rather than kill them.

What more could a girl ask for?

He's been extra sweet to me these past couple weeks. He knows how much I hate WA, and has even offered to help me move back to GA while he finishes up his time at Fort Lewis. Obviously, I'm not going to do that, but it's nice to know he's willing to sacrifice in order to make E and me happier. And, obviously, he's understanding enough to encourage me to come home every couple of months to see my family and soak up some of the gloriousness that is The South before returning to the Northworst.

So, there you have it. That's the dude I'm married to!

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