Thursday, September 6, 2012


I received my first rejection letter today. It really surprised me--not because I received one, but that it came so fast.

It reads:

Thank you for considering "Agency" as a potential
agency to represent your work. We have reviewed the material you sent
and we regret that we will not be offering to review your work further
at this time. Please know that we are very selective with the
materials that we request. We encourage you to keep writing and we
wish you every success. Please forgive this impersonal note. We
receive a tremendous number of queries and are forced to focus our
attention on a limited number of projects.

Kind regards,

So, they were pretty nice about saying "your query letter put us to sleep, please go away, we like other people more, you insignificant slug." I'm just glad the first one came from an agency that was incredibly low on my list. I almost didn't query them at all, but decided "what the hell?" and sent it anyway. Well, I guess my first instinct was the correct one. I think the disappointment would have been a little harder to handle if it had been one of the agencies I was really excited about.

I just wish this had come from one of the agencies who got the comma splice. Fail.


  1. That was a much nicer rejection letter than I expected. I thought for sure they'd be all "You writing is awful, you fail!" At least they have courtesy to write you a letter at all? I HATE never hearing back from jobs I applied for.

    1. It actually was pretty nice. And you are completely right--it IS nice having some sort of response. Most just say "we won't let you know unless we want to hug you and feed you pie." It's an annoying business... especially when I have read a lot of BAD, published books.