Saturday, September 1, 2012


In honor of the college football season kicking off, we wore lots of Ga Tech gear yesterday. E painted the town (and Costco) while wearing her GT chearleader outfit (I really wish the world could have little girl team spirit wear that wasn't a chearleader outfit, but until I find something else, it will have to do), and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, Tech won't play (and lose) their football game until Monday night, so we are cheering for our other favorite teams in the meantime.

Football is very complicated for us, here. You see, we have to root for all of the family alma maters. We have Ga Tech for us quartermaster people. And then Alabama for my dad and paternal grandfather, Florida State for my mom. Purdue for my maternal grandfather, Cornell for my maternal grandmother... And then there are all the teams we hate with a passion. Georgia--the Cesspool of the South. Auburn. University of Florida. Miami.

Here... I have a highly technical visual for you:

The hierarchy of football... brought to you by Windows Paint

To celebrate football season, I did some shopping. Meet my new fall footwear:

Pair one

Pair two

I know, I know... They are only second-tier football-greatness shoes, but come on... Bear Bryant, guys. And Ga Tech (and FSU) are really just lagging behind when it comes to producing everyday fashion. I can't really wear gold shoes and expect them to make a statement unless paired with a logo indicating who I am rooting for. Oh, well. Maybe Paul Johnson will start wearing plaid, become one of the best football coaches of all time, and we can all wear the Murray colors (or the Baird colors. But none of the other ones. Duh). Until that happens, I will be sportin' the Bear houndstooth.

I just had to share. Because they make me so happy.

So... Go Jackets, Go 'Noles, and Roll Tide!

...Oh, and here's something for you non-football people (the bumper sticker on the next car over at the mall):

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