Friday, September 7, 2012

Head Meet Desk

One of my best friends uses "head/desk" to indicate frustrating situations when social-networking on Facebook. Usually this is preceeded by "Omg, out of wine!" or "I just realized one of my twelve children never returned home on the school bus" or "my child just sent a My Little Pony through the $2000 tv." Recently, I have adopted the "head/desk" to go along with our adoption woes...

I know. Adoption woes. Ugh (head/desk).

It's all very complicated, let me just tell you. As I have mentioned (maybe one other time) before, we have fallen in love with this little girl who needs a family, and we think we could be it. What's holding us back? Money. (head/desk)

We inquired with the agency that works in her region, and they sent us all kinds of wonderful information, including their schedule of fees (which I requested). They have very cleverly made it appear as though the expenses are about 2/3 what they really are... And it isn't that they weren't up front about the other expenses, they just dropped them down to another line because they could vary so much (for example, $600 for a plane ticket in January vs. $3000 for a plane ticket in June). It just gets you a little excited when you see a number about $10,000 less than expected, only to be told "and then add in the cost of your travel." Boo. We need a TLC bride wedding budget, seriously. (head/desk)

And that, people, is why I am so desperately trying to get my book represented and/or published. Which isn't going anywhere fast (head/desk).

Anyway, now that I have a bit of a headache, I am trying to email as many people as I can possibly think of who might have some sort of adoption grant insight. In corresponding with another AOW (Army Officer Wife) who is in the middle of an international adoption, herself, it has come to my attention that most adoption grants (as in 92%) are earmarked for Christian couples... Which we are not (head/desk). I am hoping a rabbi or two can point us into a more... helpful direction, but really, how often does that come up? The military isn't really that much help, and I have very little faith in mankind/my fundraising skillz. (Remember our yard sale? head/desk).

I don't know what we're going to do. Obviously, we can't save her if we can't pay for it, but how can we NOT SAVE HER?!


And this, my friends, is why it is a good idea to not own a desk.



  1. I am amazed at your strong feelings for this little girl and you willingness to adopt a special needs child. I am not sure we ever would've been that way... Even as much as I love working with my special needs kiddos, outside of having Nate, I don't think I could be that person! I hope things work out for you and her!

    1. We definitely have our share of reservations about special needs adoption. I know exactly how you feel--we were both in agreeance that the SNs we felt comfortable with are the more... physical in nature. This little girl will need surgeries to improve her mobility and maneuverability, but she is cognitively normal. I just have no idea how we will make it work financially. That is definitely the roadblock.