Friday, July 13, 2012

Get Ready People! It's Almost Time to Celebrate!

'Cause we have $49.39 in the adoption fund! Yes, folks, that's $0.61 away from a whopping $50. Or, for those of you who are percentage whores: an exact 0.2%.

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Putting it this way, just makes it seem all that much more pathetic.


I have somehow gotten sucked into an Australian teen drama called Dance Academy. I needed something to watch the other day, and it was suggested on Netflix... Not that I am entirely sure why it was suggested on Netflix. S has been watching buttloads of Psych, and most of my Netflix watching has been period British dramas.

Also: I need to remember that E must go down for her nap around the same time every day... otherwise, she'll never sleep and she becomes a complete mess.

So much for an hour of adult time...

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