Sunday, July 1, 2012

7th Anniversary Weekend: Part 2

After discovering we were so close to the Olympic National Park, we decided to head on in. We drove past the main visitor's center, and headed straight into the park. There was a weird, narrow little strip of park land that encompassed the road until you get to the Ranger Station. It was $15 for a vehicle pass, but it's good for a full week. Once through, we began climbing up Hurricane Ridge, which overlooks Port Angeles.

It was incredibly cloudy, and the higher we got, the harder it was to see. At one point, I think S was driving at about 5 miles an hour, just because you couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of the car. The clouds even seeped into the tunnels that passed under the mountains. We didn't stop to see a whole lot on the way up, simply because there wasn't anything to see. There were a few odd breaks in the clouds and mist, and then we got some pretty awesome pictures.

We drove as far as the road would allow, stopping off first at the northern most information center. There, we did a quick diaper change, picked up some post cards, and learned about some of the flora and fauna. I got some pictures of a family of deer, and we attempted to do some light hiking, but the snow was too deep for us to safely get through with E.

(P.S. JUNE 30!!!)


  1. Love the pictures. Very jealous, but glad y'all got to go.

  2. Ummm so we can totally trade lives whenever you want. Gorgeous AND 50°?!!! =P Love it!