Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why My Family > Yours

I like to mock my husband by "talking" like him, sometimes. Usually, this means I speak in an oddly baritone squeaky voice that sounds nothing like him, but that's why it's funny.

Anyway, so I was going through the coupons that came in the mail this afternoon. Most of them were for fast food restaurants and... more fast food restaurants. But there were a few good ones in there--you know, $1.50 off M&Ms and $2.00 off toothpaste. I came across one for Sizzler and asked him--in  my worst impression of his voice--"Why don't we ever go to Sizzler?"

First, he stopped chasing after E long enough to blink at me in confusion. "Why are you talking like that?" he asked me.

"I'm doing my impression of you." Said in same annoying voice.

"Whatever. Aren't you a snob?"

"Yes, but why don't we ever go to Sizzler?"

"Because you're a snob. It's like the Wal-Mart of food."


He then proceeds to sit down and focus on Family Guy. Twenty seconds later, E brings me her potty and asks me to open it. Unfortunately, I had already sat down to type out the Sizzler exchange, so I passed it over to my husband and told her, "Daddy is going to help you go potty."

However, as I made eye contact with my husband, it was to see that he was lounging in my chair, pieces of cardboard wrapped around his wrists. I raised one eyebrow and passed him the potty.

He smirked and said, "I'm busy being a super hero."

I waited a second before replying with: "Don't think that's not going in my blog."

"They're gauntlets. Who wouldn't want gauntlets?"

I chose not to encourage him and remained silent while I typed out exactly what was said. He did help E sit on the potty, which I very much appreciate. But she was back up in seconds, dancing to the Family Guy theme song.

Yes. This is just a glimpse into five minutes of my life.

You're welcome.


  1. I feel the same way about Sizzler. And Golden Corral. *BLEGH*

  2. Mmm, Golden Corral macaroni and cheese... It's amazing. I have like 4 things I will eat there, but those 4 things are really good (one of them is broccoli, lol... I'm not sure how you can screw that up).