Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've been trying to keep the negative I-hate-my-body, hypothyroidism-sucks posts to a minimum, but I've been feeling really discouraged the last month or so, and just need a moment to vent.

Since January 1, I have lost about 20 pounds. I am back down to my pre-hypothyroid post-baby weight (i.e. still not back to my pre-baby weight, but better than it had been). I still have a good 30 pounds to lose to feel... good about myself, but I would be happy if I could get rid of another 15-20 lbs. That would put me where I was before I got pregnant (I gained a little bit when I switched MA programs. I blame stress).

If you know anything about me, you know that last year was really hard on me. I was exercising non-stop, I was eating a completely vegan diet, and I was gaining weight. At the peak of my crazy exercise routine, I was walking/jogging 15-20 miles a day. And on the days where I couldn't go out and do that, I was on the exercise bike for 3 hours a day. Nothing I did worked and this February, I threw in the towel. I quit working out and sat on my butt all day--why kill myself if it wasn't working? Well, I promptly lost fifteen pounds.

I went home in March to visit my family, came home for a couple weeks and lost a few more pounds, and then went back. While I was home, I gained a pound or two, but figured that when I got home, the weight would continue to come back off slowly as it had.

Well, it hasn't. I've gone back to making a lot of vegetarian meals to help combat things, and I did get back to the 20-pounds-lost goal, but I can't get back over the hump. I'm stuck. And then, to just makes matters worse, I got on the scale yesterday and I had gained 3 lbs.

Most people would probably consider this "no big deal," but I am really starting to feel like it's crunch time. We are in agreement that we would like to try for Baby #2 at the beginning of the year... And I DO NOT ever want to go through this torture again. I refuse to gain as much as I did last time (50 lbs) and I certainly don't want to start out bigger than I did last time.

The news (I am loathe to call it "good") is that I go see a new endocrinologist in 2 weeks. I honestly don't think I am "fixed" yet. I am still having a very hard time waking up in the morning (10 hours of sleep and struggling to wake up isn't normal), I am always exhausted, and I am always freezing--ask my husband, he has felt my ice-cold feet. And my weight... Ugh, my weight. I am so hoping he can make me better. I am so tired of being broken :(.


  1. If your endocrinologist gives you any good advice please share it with me. I, too, really need to lose weight & I am always super exhausted & I'm ALWAYS freezing (& have been for years lol). I'm anemic & have to get back to the dr to get myself back in line but I haven't yet. But, in the meantime, if you come across anything that is helping please share it with your friend from way back!

  2. I just saw where you listed your blog in JBU and thought I'd come check it out :) I can relate. I struggle with hypothyroid disease and have ever since giving birth to my oldest child. I can't take any of the thyroid medications though due to a severe reaction my body has to them (they say from having my gall bladder removed, but I don't really know), so I struggle with my weight on a daily basis. I finally just threw away my scale because I was getting depressed. So I feel your struggles. It's aggravating because there are times when certain things work and times when other things work, and it's never steady.

    1. Eww, well, that's no fun. Have you tried any of the natural approaches?I know there are some foods that can actually play in to having your thyroid under-achieve...