Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Been an Army Kind of Week...

And it isn't over, yet.

From last Wednesday to this Wednesday, we will have spent more than half of our days in some unit-related function. I'm not really complaining, because thus far, I have actually had a pretty good time. It's nice getting to go out and have some good ole fashioned bonding. I find it hard to connect with our Army life since E and I are fairly removed from it, living off-post and all. Usually, my closest brush with the military is washing the husband's uniform and shopping at the commissary. I often find that I kind of miss that community feeling...

But, hey? What are ye gonna do?

Anyway, last Wednesday, we went and had dinner with S's old shop. When we first got here, his position was in the S3 shop as the assistant S3. He was not terribly happy with the position--it's one that is normally filled by a captain--but really liked some of the people. They were having a "family dinner" and invited anyone who had ever been in the shop, so we decided to go, baby and all. I actually had a really good time, got to meet some of the new people, and chat with some of those I had only heard stories about.

Thursday, there were two change of command ceremonies. It wasn't something I had to go to, but I felt like going and supporting those who were leaving and those who were arriving. I met both of the "new" wives at the last spouse coffee, and one of the "leaving" wives has been very sweet and supportive since we arrived. It really will be sad to see her go, even though we were only friendly at functions. E really enjoyed the ceremonies, and I think it's important to take her to that kind of thing, so long as she is welcomed (I want her to have been in that kind of environment as many times as possible so she knows how to act at "grown-up" events. I think all too often, kids get left out of events so that parents don't have to deal with them, and then on the rare occasion they DO get to go, they have no idea how to act). Afterwards, there were receptions. She had a ball and ate about 3 cups of strawberries and raspberries.

Friday night, S was in charge of the Hail and Farewell festivities. This is a fun little tradition among the leadership in a unit to welcome those who are new to the unit and send off those who are leaving. In the past, we had always just had a dinner, but the Colonel wanted this to be a "fun" event, so we went mini golfing, bowling, and had dinner. We dropped E off with a friend for the evening, so it was adult time. I had a really good time, and I think so did everyone else... The way the alcohol was flowing, they better have been having a good time! It was very laid back and you could really tell that everyone really thinks of this as a sort of "family." I was so glad I got to be a part of it!

And then this Wednesday, we have our FRG meeting. This should be interesting, as we are having a "consignment sale." Clothing will be sold for a small donation of $.25-$1, which I think will really work out well for some people. For us, it means we can finally get our clothing donations out of the garage (we've just never made it to Goodwill) and for others, it means they will be able to get some gently used items for practically nothing. Some of the things we are donating still have TAGS on them (ahem, S!) and several of the things I am donating were only worn a few times. I am keeping most of E's clothes in the event we have another girl in the future, but I did throw in a handful of things that were hand-me-downs from others that I didn't like and/or were the wrong size. Either way, it means social time for me!

(I did enjoy an Army-free afternoon on Saturday when I went to Seattle with a friend. It was glorious and I didn't die in a horrific car accident. Also, had a marvelous Mother's Day!)

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