Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Would You Do With Your Imaginary $500 Million?

With the lottery winnings half a billion dollars, I am pretty sure every American who is semi-conscious and owns a television/internet access is fantasizing about what they will do with the winnings.

I'm not optimistic enough to think there is even a chance in hell that I will get a piece of that (though, you better believe we are buying a ticket), but that doesn't stop me from imaging what I would do with that much money. The hubby and I have already had extensive conversations about how best to go about making use of such a large sum, and we have decided that the most logical course of action would be:
  1. Take the annuity option.
  2. Invest the money.
  3. Buy this house in Scotland:
  4. Pay off my parents' house, debt, have them retire and move with us into this house in Scotland:
Yes. It's for sale. You can read more about it here on

It's been on my list of "I MUST HAVE THIS, NOW!" for at least a year. It's gorgeous--really, you should go see the pictures. I wouldn't share my dream house for the whole world to see, but I have a pretty good feeling that it will never be mine. This breaks my heart, obviously, but what else is a girl to do? I can only ask that no one else buy it on the off chance that I will, in fact, at some later date, have a few million dollars to spend on something so magnificent.


I'm not entirely sure what I would do with it. I mean, other than have all of my friends and family come visit me so we could put on full, fancy dress parties with highland dancing and bagpipes. I could waltz around the place while wearing panniers and a wig, pretending I am Flora McDonald. Or start my own distillery (after all, I will have millions of dollars, duh!).

Yeah. I'd be excellent at being Nouveau Riche.

What would you do if you won half a billion dollars?

P.S. #5: Friendship rings!


  1. I LOVE it!! Michael's ancestors are from Scotland so we're definitely planning a trip to visit.

    1. Let me know! I'll tell you the must-see places!