Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Like a Party in Your Mouth

As a 1LT, my husband is currently acting as a platoon leader for a logistics unit. He's big into team-building stuff, so he had a platoon picnic planned for this afternoon. It was actually supposed to be a few weeks ago while I was out of town; fortunately, something ridiculous came up, so he moved it and I could be there.

One of his soldiers ended up volunteering his house to host. If I had known that would have happened, I would have offered up ours (oh, the cleaning!); I was under the impression that they were going to do it outside at the unit or a community center... something. It actually ended up being a good thing that it wasn't planned for an outside space because it rained and pelted us with gale force winds. There may have even been some sleet in there. Oh, and did I mention it was about 40 degrees?


There were a couple of food stuffs that I wanted to share. I was the cool kid who brought the ever-impressive Costco sheet cake with the ever-witty platoon motto on it (since tone is tough to convey over the interwebz, I'll clue you in: that sentence was ripe with sarcasm). One of the soldiers ended up being grill master extraordinaire (not sarcasm). He was making these short ribs that were rubbed with adobo seasoning and then splashed with Coors Light. Coors Light--who knew something so disgusting could produce something so good? It was phen-o-men-al. And definitely something that I will be attempting to replicate once the temperature exceeds 55 F.

Our host also made the drink that only made the party in my mouth better: Johnny Walker Black Label and Diet Sierra Mist... Yeah. WTF, right?

The hubby is a huge Scotch connoisseur (I'm not going to lie, I groomed him to be. I told him he needed a refined taste in alcohol... It ended up working. We're now planning a honeymoon to Scotland (no, we never had a honeymoon. Don't Judge) just so we can go to all of the distilleries. Bazinga), so I have had my fair share of amazing scotch. I'm not a huge fan of the lesser whiskies (which I consider anything that is mass produced like JW, but it's great to use for a mixed drink... so as not to ruin the good stuff), but this was pretty damn fantastic. So good, I ran right to the commissary to pick up Diet Sierra Mist...

...Which they DO NOT CARRY.

Oh, well. Diet Squirt was almost as good. And since we didn't have any Johnnie Walker, Glenlivet 12 Year wasn't horrible, either. But, first thing tomorrow... cheap whisky and Diet Sierra Mist are becoming staples in my bar. So the party can continue.

And that concludes my disjointed, poorly explained description of how to make a party in your mouth. You're welcome.


  1. Man, I can't imagine how brave a person would have to be to have the whole platoon come to their HOUSE for a party. BRAVE. We've had a number of them over for a grillparty, but it was casual, it wasn't like a planned thing. Also, my husband was just a squad leader or team leader or something so it wasn't like "this is the brass" kinda of thing.

    We never had a honeymoon either. We are planning to have a kickass "recommitment ceremony" at some point, which is really just an excuse to demand that all our friends get dressed in fancy clothes so we can all get drunk together. Also maybe a honeymoon one day? Ha.

    Man, glad it's not just us who finds oddddd things that the commissary doesn't carry.

    1. They were all supposed to go home and change into their civilians. There were a couple of guys there that were in their ACUs, but only because they live pretty far away and didn't bring a change of clothes (one was the platoon sgt....whatever rank that is, I have no idea... so he was excused, lol). It was pretty casual, but in a light version of mandatory fun (lol). I think it was a fairly good time... ish. I think it could have gone better had it not been -3 degrees outside, haha.

      I like the idea of getting drunk with friends while wearing nice clothes. I may have to steal it.

      Also... the commissary. Seriously... who does the ordering?? Crazy random German food? Yes. Barbecue sauce NOT made by Kraft? Unheard of.

  2. You said Bazinga. That made my day. Ü

    1. We're huge TBBT fans here ;-) E LOVES to sing "Soft Kitty"